Maatregelen voor bestrijding coronavirus

De federale overheid neemt maatregelen om de verspreiding van het coronavirus tegen te gaan. De maatregelen zijn van kracht tot en met 19 april 2020.

Alle (jeugd)activiteiten en evenementen worden geannuleerd tot en met 19 april, ongeacht hun grootte, publiek of privaat karakter, en ongeacht of ze van culturele, sociale, feestelijke, folkloristische, muzikale, sportieve of recreatieve aard zijn.

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Schtampfen with The Dj Producer

Schtampfers, we are back in our beloved dungeon with another edition at our home base Ghent! We're very proud to announce a few legends from the scene. Combining their styles as you are used to at our events. Don't miss out on this one!
Acid(core), Oldschool-, Industrial-, & UK Hardcore and some more styles to schtampf your feet to!


- The DJ Producer - UK (Concrete Agency, Deathchant)
If there is one guy who doesn’t need any introduction, it’s this legend. This UK-Hardcore boss is one of The True Creators and knows how to roll the kicks like no other.

- Mono-Amine (official) - NL - Vinyl set (Ant-Zen, Darkforce, Neurotrope)
A neurochemist right from The Hague who will be throwing intense industrial / hardcorenoisish sounds at you to bring your brain to a state of adrenaline and euphoric rush.

- HEADLOVSKYKICKLOVSKY - BE (Industrial Strenght Records, Ragga Terror Front)
a.k.a. Mathlovsky vs Headkick
You must've been living under a rock if you don't know these two Ghent based musical geniuses. Combining their hardcore and breakcore knowledge to bring you a new musical experience.

- TRIO3 - BE (Narcosis dj team)
a.k.a. Mantrum vs Metamorph vs MacBang
Expect some highly corrosive acid from the ex-STOORNIS crew. They will get the event started in no time, so better come early.

- Droid1 - BE (Schtampf, k-mi k-zi)
a.k.a. Schtampf's master track selector. If you've been to any of our parties, you know Renaat always brings the perfect vinyls for the moment!


Ticketsale starts 13/12/2019 at 18h00 sharp.
We make your Friday the 13th a good one!

- Big soundsystem by Onkruit and Daver sound
- Photography by Wim Van Wambeke & Ewoud Beaufays
- Vinyl Stand by …
- 16+, bring your ID
- No drugs, no violence, no own drinks, no tags
- Wear your schtamping shoes!


Parking available in the surrounding streets or at the AZ Sint-Lucas hospital. Parking in front of the venue is NOT ALLOWED!

Minus One
Opgeëistenlaan 455
9000 Gent
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Minus One
Opgeëistenlaan 455
9000  Gent
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Ontleen een Blue-bike fiets aan het station van Gent Sint-Pieters of Gent Dampoort
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