Restorative and holistic body & soul weekend

2 day workshops for a healthier food & lifestyle, Kerkstraat 108, 9050 Gentbrugge Friday 17 & Saturday 18 january 2020
Friday:€70, Saturday:€165, combipresale:€205 tickets & register at
Friday 17 january 2020
18h00: Welcome with drinks & fingerfood 18h30: yin restorative yoga (Vicky)
19h30: guided meditation (Vicky)
20h30: hatha yoga (Yoke)
22h00: End

Saturday 18 january 2020
10h00: drink and welcome
10h30: vinyasa flow and ahimsa (vicky)
11h30: vegan cooking workshop (annouschka)
12h00: lunch & relax
13h00: singing circle & meditation (Vicky)
14h30: Hatha yoga (yoke)
16h00: soundbath
17h30: tea break
17h45: footmassage (Annouschka)
18h15: headmassage and essential oils (annouschka) 18h45: break with little snack
19h00: zouk dance with stijn & lea
20h00: dance & connect, fingerfood & drinks 22h00: end

Hello, My name is Vicky Woods and I am so happy to connect with all of you. My passion in life is to share knowledge that I receive through my journey
in this life. It’s to inspire people to enjoy their life and live it to the fullest. I am a yogi, a traveler and I love inspiring music. I love to share
stories and i love to listen to them. Looking forward to meet all of you!
Friday class: The Experience of the Candle room-Yoga Nidra.
Come and enjoy a Deep Meditative practice in a special designed room full of candles that will relax your nervous system and will make you go very deep in your practice.
With the yin-restorative system of yoga we will take time in the asanas and we will connect with our breath. As we will slowly relax any tension of our body, we will prepare to enjoy the guided meditation of Yoga Nidra.
Saturday Class: Vinyasa Flow and Ahimsa
This class will inspire you to connect with the principle of Ahimsa, the non-violent attitude towards yourself and others. How do we experience non-violent approach into a yoga class and how this can spread out in our daily life. How do we embrace Ahimsa through our actions. More info at:

Hi, I’m Annouschka, your healthy food & lifestyle coach and founder of BRASUCO
Retreats and Workshops Moving your body has great advantages for your mental and physical
health. During our retreats and workshops, I teach you a variety of new skills. The Brazilian dancing classes, yoga, meditation and massages keep you fit and young.
Teachers from over the world come and share their experiences and expertise. Of course every retreat and workshop should have the healthy food to make it even more complete and balanced.
Healthy Food and Lifestyle Coaching During the lifestyle coaching sessions, I help people with health issues and teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle by eating vegan food. It’s more than just about the food, though. I share some great exercises to relax, strengthen and stretch the body. Also the possibility to learn more about the smoothies and healthy food when needed to prepare it for yourself or your relatives.
more info at


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Kerkstraat 108
9050  Gentbrugge (Gent)
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    Restorative and holistic body & soul weekend ©bvba Nousch Az-art©bvba Nousch Az-art
    Restorative and holistic body & soul weekend ©bvba Nousch Az-art©bvba Nousch Az-art