Solid Events is thrilled to announce their brand new concept:

When we talk about music everybody is united, so we'll take you on a musical trip through different styles of house music.

We've selected one of a kind deejays in their specific style to charge you up with the hottest tracks from then till now.

- Greg S. (Bonzai - Insomnia Nights - Magic)
- Franky Kloeck (Bonzai - Tomorrowland - Cherry Moon)
- Quincy (Age Of Love - Tomorrowland - Cherry Moon Records)
- Dimaro (Tomorrowland - Laundry Day - Crossover-Agency)
- Ricardo (Insomnia Nights - Creamm - Secret Cinema)
- Mario (Insomnia Nights - Bocca - Heavenly)
- JANA (MOOD - Carte Blanche )
- Sjoerd (Le Dimanche)
- Tessa (Secret Cinema - MOOD)
- eLLe (MOOD - Balmoral)

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