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Obskuur Ghent Film Festival

Obskuur Ghent Film Festival is gericht op het ontdekken van kwaliteitsfilms en filmmakers en het presenteren van hun werk. Het is een doorlopend filmfestival, met elke drie maanden een nieuwe selectie van innovatieve, experimentele underground en onafhankelijke films van zowel opkomend lokaal talent als van internationale filmmakers. Obskuur Ghent Film Festival zal plaatsvinden in het gezellige cinemazaaltje van de Alfred Sküll Art Gallery in de Alpacastraat te Gent.
Dit eerste zomerseizoen van het nieuwe festival zal van start gaan op zondag 12 juli. Bezoekers zijn welkom om tussen 12-18u de galerij vrij binnen te wandelen en te genieten van een doorlopende selectie obscure, experimentele films op groot scherm en een gratis drankje. Hierna zullen de films nog meermaals op zondagen in de Alfred Sküll Art Gallery gratis te bezichtigen zijn (op 26 juli, 9 augustus, 23 augustus, 6 september en 20 september). Reserveren is niet nodig.

Obskuur Ghent Film Festival geeft underground werken van opkomende filmmakers een publiek platform. Lokale en internationale kunstenaars worden aangemoedigd hun innovatieve projecten in te sturen en krijgen de kans om op de affiche te prijken van een festival dat filmkunst in al haar vormen viert.

Waar en wanneer?

Locatie: Alfred Sküll Gallery, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Gent
Zondag, 12 juli, 2020 (12.00-18.00), reserveren niet nodig // walk-in screening // opening met gratis drankje
Zondag, 26 juli, 2020 (14.00-17.00), reserveren niet nodig // walk-in screening
Zondag, 9 augustus 2020 (14.00-17.00), reserveren niet nodig // walk-in screening
Zondag, 23 augustus, 2020 (14.00-17.00), reserveren niet nodig // walk-in screening
Zondag, 6 september, 2020 (14.00-17.00), reserveren niet nodig // walk-in screening
Zondag, 20 september, 2020 (14.00-17.00), reserveren niet nodig // walk-in screening

Officiële selectie zomer 2020

Alle films zijn in het Engels en/of Engels ondertiteld.

An Apartment In New York (United States) by Chad Knuth
'An Apartment in New York' is an experimental short film about the discovery of a body, that delves into a bizarre behaviour study and the subsequent possibilities of murder.
Duration: 00:03:24

Mongol (United States) by Hao Zheng
A man spent years seeking redemption after abandoning his mother when he was a child.
Duration: 00:10:00

Decorum (Australia) by Lorenzo Monti
Fashion model Hinata wants to get at the bottom of her uneasiness but something is hindering her. A designer gives her advice, a doctor tries to get her attention and all claim to know what she needs. The result of an old trauma seems only to be the tip of the iceberg.
Duration: 00:10:18

Reading wild lands (dispersal 6-18-048-02 W5) (Canada) by Alana Bartol
Iron filings and magnets become tools of divination as a dowser conducts a site reading of a drill cuttings sample from an abandoned oil well in Alberta, Canada.
Duration: 00:06:57

Shelly (United States) by Katie Vida
Video work developed entirely on Snapchat, the app known for its face altering features. The piece includes filtered selfie video "diaries" by Shelly, who has exhausted her savings on an Airbnb rental to explore New York. Her meanderings are meaningful for their short-lived revelations. 'Shelly' sheds light on smartphone technology as a form of embodiment, elucidation, connection, and at times, detachment.
Duration: 00:44:45

Meltdown (United Kingdom) by Guli Silberstein
A stream of audio-visual material interweaving environmental, cultural and social crises, addressing exploitation of both natural and human resources, in an astonished look at power, beauty and destruction and and the overall meltdown of our balancing systems. The work overflows the viewer with images and sounds collected from online media and personal filming, echoing superfluous information, waste, unrest and natural disasters of todays.
Duration: 00:06:12

MHD (United States) by Alejandro Watson
A mental health diary made during June and July of 2019.
Duration: 00:59:13

Invitation (Netherlands) by Sjoerd Martens
Martens’ sees his work as a sculpture of our legacy. The areas he creates are characterized by past human presence, current abandonedness and future uncertainty. The human traces as still life are brought to a new breathing environment through multi-disciplinarity and atypical narrative techniques. The mise-en-scène forms a post-apocalyptic, semi-surreal microcosm that includes physical and non-physical signs of our mortality. This haven is solely palpable and is comparable to past childhood dreams, or dissociation from one’s environment or self.
Duration: 00:05:08

Light Matter (Austria) by Virgil Widrich
A black-and-white film that lets you see colors.
Attention! This film contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for light-sensitive epilepsy.
Duration: 00:05:00

A Comfortable Hole (United States) by Fulla Abdul-Jabbar
A PowerPoint poem leans against its edge and falls asleep there.
Duration: 00:07:33


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    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©Shelly by Katie Vida©Shelly by Katie Vida
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©Obskuur Ghent Film Festival©Obskuur Ghent Film Festival
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©Mongol by Hao Zheng©Mongol by Hao Zheng
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©Meltdown by Guli Silberstein©Meltdown by Guli Silberstein
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©Reading wild lands (dispersal 6-18-048-02 W5) by Alana Bartol©Reading wild lands (dispersal 6-18-048-02 W5) by Alana Bartol
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©Decorum by Lorenzo Monti©Decorum by Lorenzo Monti
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©Invitation by Sjoerd Martens©Invitation by Sjoerd Martens
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©An Apartment In New York by Chad Knuth©An Apartment In New York by Chad Knuth
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©A Comfortable Hole by Fulla Abdul-Jabbar©A Comfortable Hole by Fulla Abdul-Jabbar
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©Light Matter by Virgil Widrich©Light Matter by Virgil Widrich
    Obskuur Ghent Film Festival ©MHD by Alejandro Watson©MHD by Alejandro Watson