Different Class 2018

This Summer, Different Class is back for another round with that sweet music of the underground. For the past five years, Subbacultcha has been curating a festival for its members that gathers the most trailblazing acts of the moment. So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to sneak peek at tomorrow’s music, pencil this one down in your agenda.
Yves Tumor (US)
Tennessee-Raised, Turin-based Yves Tumor’s first – already cult – album Serpent Music was released on PAN in 2016. He made appearances on comps from buzz-worthy labels like NON and UNO. To give you a bit more of an idea, the sound of Yves Tumor is often coupled to HiT artists like James Ferraro and Dean Blunt. Just like Blunt, Tumor advocates baffling loops, soul music and noise-as-loofah. Together with Oneohtrix Point Never and Lorenzo Senni, Yves Tumor is now one of the new generation of producers on the English label WARP. With his impressive visuals and performance he tackles every audience, for example Primavera in Barcelona early June.
LISTEN ? https://soundcloud.com/yvestumor

DC wouldn’t be complete if Scandinavians were missed, so our boys from electronic pop band Liss have agreed to make a little detour and join the line-up. The boys have managed to come with their very own style, far from the renowned underground punk scene of their hometown of Aarhus in Denmark. With their ‘80s production and crooning vocals the boys have been flipping the web and have been acclaimed as one of Denmark’s most promising pop rock band.
LISTEN ? https://soundcloud.com/liss

Oklou (FR)
Oklou founded the all-women DJ crew TGAF in Paris, while also releasing her own trip-hop-inspired, experimental productions online. She’s part of the Nuxxe gang who’s featured in the Dazed 100 list of 2018. NUXXE - Coucou Chloe, Oklou, Sega Bodega, and Shygirl - is both a collective and a record label, founded on the group’s shared no-fucks approach to genre or categorisation.
LISTEN ? https://soundcloud.com/oklou93

Carla dal Forno (AUS)
Blackest Ever Black’s latest signee has one single under her belt, and it’s already sold out twice over. Because what a single it is. Berlin-based Aussie Carla dal Forno of F ingers and Tarcar brings her ethereal, languid vocals to Fast Moving Cars, which is simultaneously a love song and a resolution, the resolve to live and explore the void of the present. With a bassline that pounds with each heartbeat and minimal, effective arrangements, this is one to play over and over again, until your mind dissolves along with that faraway, unassailable melody.
LISTEN ? https://soundcloud.com/carla-dal-forno

Blue Hawaii (CAN)
Take one part Raphaelle Standell-Preston –also known from dreamy indie-pop band Braids–, and one part Agor Cowan and you’ll end up with Blue Hawaii. This beautiful Montreal electro-pop duo serves you ethereal vocals paired with understated beats. It’s like watching the world through cerulean blue shades. It’s mountains. It’s Canada. It’s cool.
LISTEN ? https://bluehawaii.bandcamp.com

Partners (BE)
Femke and James form Partners. Their name perfectly describes them as an entity, because you will never find two people who complement each other like they do. Their music is a recreation of an experience, a mood, a place that has stayed with you. Like that huge reverberating space in Tresor or Kompass, where you go through before you reach the dance floor. That excitement you feel when you go through that in-between part. The melancholy when you make your transition back into the outside. This feeling of transition through the twilight zone of the club is what they try to recreate with their music.
LISTEN ? https://soundcloud.com/partnerspartners

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